How we are funded

We want you to know how we're funded, so we've created this guide to - hopefully - make it as clear as possible.

Here, we share the ways we earn money ensuring remains free to use while constantly striving to offer you more tools, weather and climate info, and relevant content for researching, planning and booking your holiday. - travel deals for your holiday in the sun - travel deals for your holiday in the sun

Affiliate links

You may have seen links which have a * next to them (e.g. Expedia*) - these are affiliate links, aka affiliate marketing links, along with the following promotional items:

  • Banners - promotional material for a travel partner
  • Buttons - related to a travel partner's content
  • Logos - representing a travel partner
  • Deals and discounts - promotional offers and voucher codes
  • Branded widgets - travel partner search tools

Each affiliate link is bespoke to and anonymously tracks interactions with travel partners that begin on our site. These interactions might end with a simple click, form completion or purchase of a product.

When these interactions are complete we may receive a commission payment for that referral. Put simply, we might earn commission if your click leads to a sale, be it a flight, holiday, car hire or similar with any of our travel partners.

Affiliate links behave like normal links. You shouldn't notice any significant difference, they do not affect your rights as a consumer and it doesn't cost you anything to click on them.

More information about how affiliate marketing works and our marketing partners can be found in our Privacy Policy.

By using our affiliate links, far from this costing you, the user, any money, you could well save money by benefiting from one of our exclusive money-saving deals that we negotiate directly with our travel partners.

We are a third party publisher referring you to a relevant travel brand, not an online travel agent. Please note, as we use affiliate links, we will never ask for payments and you will never see appear on your credit card or bank statements.


We use two forms of online advertising here at Firstly, we use advertising platforms such as Google Adsense to place banner adverts in specific spots on our web pages.

Secondly, we work directly with a select number of travel brands to advertise their products on specific weather pages.

Please note, travel brands working directly with us do not have any editorial control over the content displayed on

Editorial freedom

Whether you're researching a product on a brand's landing page or reading our travel blog, you can be confident that our content is unbiased and free from outside input or interference. retains full editorial control over all content published across the website. We do not publish sponsored content.

Where our money goes

As a small, independent travel publisher, every penny counts but we want to remain free to use. The money generated from our affiliate links and advertising goes towards this by helping us to:

  • collate and process detailed weather data
  • employ full time staff
  • commission expert freelance travel writers
  • execute technical developments and upgrades
  • build new widgets and tools
  • manage hosting and server demands

For more information, please read our privacy and cookie policy or contact us with any related questions or queries.

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