Holiday destination finder

Our holiday destination finder lets you search for destinations based on your preferred weather criteria you'd like on holiday. Please choose at least one weather parameter to begin:

Metric (°C / mm)  |  Imperial (°F / inches)

Understanding our holiday destination finder

Our holiday destination finder uses average weather conditions to find places that best match your search criteria. The results are shown in descending order from exact match to partial match:

  • 100% - exact match
  • 95% to 99% - very good match
  • 85% to 94% - good match
  • 60% to 84% - partial match
  • below 60% - we do not show destinations below 60%

Alternatively, you can use our holiday planner to search for breaks based on the same weather criteria with additional factors such as departure airport, flight time, duration, hotel star rating and board basis.

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